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Ten years ago this last January 2017, World Walk to Wellness began in what is now known as the Ken Mercer Sports & Recreation Community Park.  At that time, the idea was to see if we could get people all over the world out walking on the final day of the year, in their own time zones.  However, we concluded that “wellness” implied being active on more than one day per year, and so, six years ago, we began inviting people to “Walk ‘n’ Talk” together every Saturday morning of the year, focusing on Pleasanton and surrounding communities.

Over the last 78 months, that’s right, 78 months, Mr. Pedometer and volunteer “Walk Stars” have lead walks every Saturday at the different parks in the TriValley area and even into San Francisco and Angel Island.  We have not missed one Saturday! Our motto is, “We walk rain or shine unless the rain is blowing sideways.”  Not something that happens often in northern California.

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