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Avoid Being A T2D Statistic

Q:  Mr. Pedometer, I am thankful not to have any symptoms of type 2 diabetes…yet.  However, many in my family tree have had this dreadful disease.  What can I do to avoid becoming one of the statistics?

A:  Kaiser Permanente has simplified their advice about avoiding Type 2 diabetes to these three actions:

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Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Q: Mr. Pedometer, you have warned us in past editions that we may be heading toward Type 2 diabetes without even knowing it. Besides being very thirsty, are there other symptoms we should be aware of?

A: Your question is very timely, as this is National Diabetes Awareness Month. It is crucial to seek medical help as soon as possible when you are experiencing symptoms that may lead to Type 2 diabetes. Here is what everydayhealth.com recently shared about unusual symptoms you might overlook:

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Stanford Meta Study

Use of pedometer trackers increases step count. See excerpts from the 2007 Stanford University Meta-Study below.

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World Walk To Wellness

Ten years ago this last January 2017, World Walk to Wellness began in what is now known as the Ken Mercer Sports & Recreation Community Park. See where we are now!

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