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Tips to Help Your Pet Survive the Heat of Summer

Mr. Pedometer, you recently wrote about the “dog days” of summer.  Any advice on how to help our canine pals survive this hottest part of the year?
Good question!  Fortunately, columnist Joan Morris recently offered some great advice in the East Bay Times, including the following:

NEVER leave your dog unattended in your car, not even if you park in the shade and leave the windows partly open. Cars heat up fast!  A dog can suffer from heatstroke – possibly fatally – within 15 minutes.

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Leg pain while walking…Should you be worried?

Q: Mr. Pedometer, I know that you always encourage us to walk, but even at a slow pace, I find that walking makes my legs hurt. Any suggestions?

A: Doctors usually recommend walking because it is easy, convenient, and free – except, perhaps, for the cost of a comfortable pair of shoes. However, walking can become painful for some of us, usually due to age and/or arthritis. Other possible factors were outlined in a recent newsletter from Harvard Medical School. These include the following four:

Peripheral Artery Disease
Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Diabetic Neuropathy

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Stanford Meta Study

Use of pedometer trackers increases step count. See excerpts from the 2007 Stanford University Meta-Study below.

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