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Can spring cleaning help one’s health?

Q:  Mr. Pedometer, I am not a big fan of housework, but I wonder, can spring cleaning help one’s health?

A:  Some aspects of spring housecleaning could actually save your life, while others can improve your quality of life.  Realtor Kris Moxley shared tips on a recent handout, some of which follow (with Mr. Pedometer’s parenthetical comments):

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Is it true that older adults need less sleep each night? 

Q:  Mr. Pedometer, isn’t it true that older adults need less sleep each night?  I am in my eighth decade and still waiting for this to happen.      
A:  That turns out to be a myth!  Older adults still require 7-9 hours of sleep each night, according to Jessica Rundo, M.D., a staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center. 

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Stanford Meta Study

Use of pedometer trackers increases step count. See excerpts from the 2007 Stanford University Meta-Study below.

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Never Too Old To Move

I have been given a not previously Accusplit Pedometer by a so far anonymous friend. Does it have any features other than counting steps? 

At 96 years of age, I feel very blessed to have an interest in keeping track of my movement. 

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